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The Andrássy-kastély at Tiszadob, will be closed for visitors from the 1st of November due to renovation works.
Thank you for understanding!

Admire the view of the Romantic Andrássy Palace, explore its rooms and learn about the history of the family. The park of the palace awaits visitors with a unique experience, a peculiar boxwood labyrinth created in a fan shape.


Remember to taste the dishes of the restaurant located in the imposing aristocratic dining hall.

site description

The palace was built from 1880 to 1885 by Count Gyula Andrássy who was first the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Hungary (1867-1871) and then the Foreign Secretary of Austria-Hungary (1871-1879).  He played an important role in drawing up the Croatian-Hungarian Compromise in 1868 and also in the formation of the Royal Hungarian Honvéd system. In Hungary, several large statues, plaques and institutions preserve his memory.


Andrássy Palace is one of the most imposing piece of Hungarian historicist palace architecture. It was the count’s son who furnished the rooms of the palace standing on the bank of the Tisza River. Gyula Andrássy the Younger devised an extraordinary park matching the splendid interior. The archaic wooden stairs, the wooden panelling of the dining room, and the spectacular French-style parterre, often called the boxwood labyrinth, make the mansion of Tiszadob one of the most beautiful palace monuments of Hungary.


An extremely beautiful natural environment encompasses the stately building whose famous aristocratic dining hall houses an elegant restaurant. Remember to taste the noble dishes when visiting the palace.

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Address: 4456 Tiszadob, Bocskai utca 59.
Phone: +36 70/197-9905
Email: andrassykastely@nofnkft.hu

199 kilometres from Budapest.

opening hours

Restaurant also closed due to renovation works! 

Thank you for understanding!




Palace  –  1 200 Ft

Temporary exhibitions  –  600 Ft


Discount entrance tickets:

Palace  –  600 Ft

Temporary exhibitions  –   300 Ft

– Children and young people (6-26)

– Visitors over 62 years of age

– Parent with at least two children under 18 years of age



Palace  –   2 400 Ft

Temporary exhibitions  –  1 200 Ft

– 1 or 2 adults + 1 or more children up to 18 years of age



Palace  –  960 Ft/person 

Temporary exhibitions  –  480 Ft/person

– at least 15 visitors