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Visit the pilgrimage site of the dervishes in Pécs. Idris Baba became respected for his prophecies and medical work and he earned to be commemorated by a burial place like this. The intact türbe stands in the shadows of mystical cedars, its garden is adorned with drinking fountains (çesmes) and amazing roses.

site description

The built heritage of Pécs preserves several traces of the one and a half century long Ottoman domination of Hungary. The türbe of Idris Baba (a Muslim crypt) which is surrounded by mystical cedars is still a favoured pilgrimage destination of the Bektashi dervishes. The holy man who was famous for his prophecies and medical work was buried in the türbe built from charity around 1593-1594. In Hungary, there are 18 türbes but only two of them can be visited: Gül Baba’s in Budapest and Idris Baba’s in Pécs. The latter has miraculously survived the hardships of the centuries. The furnishings of the building are the donations of the Republic of Turkey, and the garden is adorned with drinking fountains and roses grafted with wild roses growing in the neighbouring woods. Visitors can rest on shaded benches and contemplate on former mystics. They can also take part in interesting guided tours to learn about Idris Baba’s prophecies and medical work, the history of the türbe, the dervish orders and Pécs in the Ottoman era.

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201 kilometres from Budapest.


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