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The state-owned castles, palaces and heritage sites managed by NÖF National Heritage Protection and Development Non-profit Ltd. are the most significant pieces of our national listed buildings from the aspect of heritage preservation, as well as art, cultural and educational history. In order to preserve, maintain, operate and guarantee the value-centred upgrading of the heritage values the institution was put in charge with, the company needs to offer an adequate professional preservation background which is done by employing a professional team of colleagues with several decades of working experience in the field.


Our researcher, architect and landscape architect colleagues working at the Heritage Development Department of the institution participate in the scientific and technical preparation and the implementation of the government’s high-priority cultural heritage development programs, including one of the most significant one, the National Palace Program and the National Castle Program. Besides, they perform technical and scientific tasks regarding the sites managed by NÖF Non-profit Ltd., and they also carry out research and preservation expert work in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, construction history and garden history for external partners in connection with cultural heritage site upgrading.


All of our colleagues are committed to preserving the cultural heritage values of the sites we have been put in charge with for future generations.